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My costume from last night. Oh, like you didn't know I was a dork already! #shamelessMarinofan

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1735 days ago

My costume from last night. Oh, like you didn't know I was a dork already! #shamelessMarinofan


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BeerSlayerUSA 1728 days ago

Dan Marino. The greatest QB of all time. Awesome !!

driveingal69 1732 days ago

Ohhhh Adam...too bad Dan doesn't look as H O T as you in his uniform!!

hannahjobug 1733 days ago

¡Què bueno! I'm open! I'm open! Lol. Hope you enjoy reading the comments from your impressive list of female followers Señor Relampago Blanco ;).

PrincessLAmour 1733 days ago

Shamelessly awesome! Adam, U can do no wrong! ;)

anikahangel 1733 days ago

Why??? Why did it have to be Marino??? Out of all the #NFL QBs, you picked HIM? I used to like you...

DisneyBrat 1733 days ago

Seksi! ;-)

nauticalstar 1734 days ago

Priceless Adam- you're adorable!

Yargermeister86 1734 days ago

Very nice! I <3 Adam

wyleelynn 1734 days ago

OH MY I'll b ur cheerleader ANYTIME!!!!!!will u marry me????????

neurogirl07 1734 days ago

Daymmmn. Wish the football players at my university looked like you. ;) Happy Halloween, Adam! =D

BellissimaSari 1735 days ago

Always did love a man in uniform! :-P Happy Halloween!

chenna_benna 1735 days ago

LOL. Greatness. You have the Marino look down. You are even missing the Super Bowl ring. j/k

dpurple01 1735 days ago

You look great! Lucky 13 but wrong team Adam! Niners and Vikings! LOL jk Have a great Halloween!

redhead7618 1735 days ago

How fun, nothing sexier than a guy who can have fun .

jeshface 1735 days ago

Did I mention HOT??? So hot.

Ladyfox7oaks 1735 days ago

Dork or not- looking good!

Lani123 1735 days ago

Go Dolphins! The only dolphins fact I know is that Dan Marino’s Number 13 shirt is retired by both the Miami Dolphins & the University of Pittsburgh...full of useless info ha ha

bpg1019 1735 days ago

cutest!!!! come celebrate with me in nyc!

JimmyKo0o 1735 days ago

Mario, huh? One of the best costumes ever but not good enough to win the big contest.

GioiaRizzo 1735 days ago

Who's more handsome than you? No one... that's who.