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Eat your heart out, Lord Farquaad.

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2035 days ago

Eat your heart out, Lord Farquaad.


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eric_BP 1678 days ago

NICE! hahahaha That is just GREAT! lol

mvr80 2028 days ago

Does anyone else think this is the cutest costume EVER?????

BabstheTeach 2028 days ago

Awesome! Seriously awesome!

disneyfairyfans 2029 days ago

Halloween costume? :p

kristinatisdale 2033 days ago

that's the coolest costume i've ever seen. Did you have to cut it that way, or did you buy it that way?

ChelseaMayday 2034 days ago


CustardStig 2034 days ago

Epic Win! I am being a ninja!

Theelen 2034 days ago

Wooow.. :O That's seriously one of the coolest costumes I've ever seen.. :D
Happy halloween!

annakipps 2034 days ago

I mean this seriously blows my mind.

annakipps 2034 days ago

OMG. . .. Awesome.

MrsJessicaWho 2034 days ago

Oh this may be the best thing I have ever seen, I alolled!

etmfan30 2035 days ago

OMG THATS AWESOMETASTIC! Great costume josh!

flying_bunnies 2035 days ago

lol it's awsome!!

paintedsound 2035 days ago

omg too cute!!! expect many hugs!

madalynisabelx3 2035 days ago

THAT'S ADORABLE!!!! so clever!

iLovePoreotics 2035 days ago


GorJessM 2035 days ago

You look AWESOME! x

inoemy 2035 days ago

LOL Lord Farquaad Nice picture! :D

deepalurie 2035 days ago


navygirl54 2035 days ago

That is so clever you are one smart man. I love it :)