Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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1417 days ago


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GAC9466 1280 days ago

For a fit guy you sure don't have a problem eating McDonald's or a million Cadbury Eggs I feel jealous

Bydeley519 1347 days ago

yg9o Hi take a look at

Babiigurl_Addie 1348 days ago

i will take a number 12 with a large fry and a large dr pepper!:)

lovesparanormal 1354 days ago

macdonalds its gross what they do to animals :(

kanishiasexy54 1354 days ago

HAHAHA Zak you are so radom at the least of times you make me hungry a lot when you talk about food

KatelynAGreer 1395 days ago

Nice lol.

makell_lovesGAC 1395 days ago

cheeseburgers? mcchickens are better : ) &a berry smoothie... perfection : )

FancyWeeble 1404 days ago

You know they won't pay you for posting this, right? Think of your circulatory system, Zak!

kassandra_GAC_ 1408 days ago

thats hella awsome and yet so random

Betsy_GACsister 1409 days ago

only one? I can eat three in one sitting and still be 107 pounds :P

GAC_fan_ 1411 days ago

so bad for you, but so good for your mouth :)

walkerinhell 1411 days ago

bad 4 u

HeatherWatkins9 1412 days ago

Yea mac d's

xboxgurl1 1412 days ago

very bad, McDonald doesn't even have the right to be called food

Vamps1981 1414 days ago

Ok gross.

Melanie_Mullins 1415 days ago

mickey D's gotta love it

Jmewalker77 1415 days ago

you caved to the crave

Tripp_Ninja 1415 days ago

that stuff is really not healthy for ya...but only sometimes do you get the craving, lol

elliebethmarie 1415 days ago

McDonalds? Oh have my heart even more now. Lol.

Kimme1970 1415 days ago

Nasty! Fast food is sooooo unhealthy. Try some health food, makes your body feel GREAT!