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I'm just another extremist who thinks my government should operate under a budget & stop burying future generations under a mountain of debt. #Mitt2012

#FACEPALM #fearofsanity

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1671 days ago

#FACEPALM #fearofsanity


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grayjohnston 1668 days ago

"The entire event is about being reasonable. This is irony."

That's why Cat Stevens was there, fresh from calling for the murder of Salman Rushdie. Talk about irony.

MildlyIrational 1669 days ago

Runespider-"As for the pic... it's a joke! Yeesh." Funny what the left finds funny but a righty comes even close to that and watch out.

MildlyIrational 1669 days ago

Iggyboo- hah very funny. Yeh and if a rightwinger did the same I am sure you would be here saying the same./

GuySZino 1669 days ago

And what if a conservative Republican was carrying a similar sign? You know it would be on every network and your guys would holding this a "proof positive" of how horrible they are. Let's have some honesty here.

RuneSpider 1670 days ago

I'm a liberal, I own a "boom stick."
Bring it.

As for the pic... it's a joke! Yeesh.

iggyboo5 1671 days ago

It's irony you idiots! Don't you get that it is ironic humor to say "Death to extremists?" "Death to" is an "extreme" view express on a sign at a rally to restore sanity. The entire event is about being reasonable. This is irony. The fact that you ca

lornasingh 1671 days ago


bentrem 1671 days ago

heh works for me. But dig "Funny. Us right wing extremists are the ones with the guns and ammo! Bring it on libtards!" Sad, nae?

lazarus629 1671 days ago

Only two things I can't stand: intolerant people and right wing extremists! Irony much?

cashsavedave 1671 days ago

That's a celebration of diversity of thought if I ever saw one

pdlobster 1671 days ago

Um, people, it's SATIRE. IRONY. COMEDY. Get it? Guess your sanity didn't get restored.

atemely 1671 days ago

Now, Right Wing Extremists, die nicely so I can eat my lunch provided by Oprah & Arianna!

virginiamom980 1671 days ago

We don't need WBBaptist types AND we don't need THIS type either. Please people. DEATH to people you don't like? Really?

Texxcentric 1671 days ago

The out of touch Left apparently hasn't caught on that signs at rallies are now passe. Same as their party

Barb_AZ 1671 days ago

Still laughing...."Right wing extremists are the ones with all the guns and ammo!" Good one, greendaymistres!

Green_Star1 1671 days ago

How do you spell "HATE SPEECH" What are these people thinking? The only ones that I have seen with signs like this are muslims. So are these people progressives ? liberals ? or muslims ? Or all three now one and the SAME ????

Americanvln1 1671 days ago

The next generation of the wimpie left. Before you know it she will be bloggin obscenities on the Daily Caller! (But in a nice way)

Alvin691 1671 days ago

Correction: Conservative Women are hot; Moderate Women are warm; liberal women are infected.

greendaymistres 1671 days ago

Funny. Us right wing extremists are the ones with all the guns and ammo! Bring it on libtards!

emile_husson 1671 days ago

The Rally to Restore Irony