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South Jersey Girl living the dream in Utah. Hockey player, snowboarder, lover of the Beautiful Game. I went to Space Camp twice. It's not like the movie.

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2304 days ago


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bobjwdsofm 2259 days ago

i didnt know colonel sanders fought in WWII

JessieBart 2298 days ago

In short, I would like to thank this man as well for speaking out on the side of rationality!

JessieBart 2298 days ago

Despite propaganda, Nazis were FAR right (fascist by definition). And I doubt Hitler recruited blacks.

sformichelli 2300 days ago

Thank you for fighting for our freedom. Thank you for reminding us that there are real evils out there.

docslacker 2301 days ago

This man rocks!

donnerj 2303 days ago

Great sign!

AndrewTheArt 2303 days ago

implying nazis have a particular appearance

MadSciKat 2304 days ago

Too much AWSUMOSITY for words. You tell 'em, gramps! #signs4sanity #rally4sanity

SagDecWho 2304 days ago

That's because #TCOT are " NOT SEES " , they're BLIND & DEAF "nah nah nah, can't hear you"

blauzahl 2304 days ago

Respect to the vet! #rally4sanity (Awesome sign)

111karma 2304 days ago

kuv this so much. respect to that war hero.

19Eileen85 2304 days ago

Love the sign!

Rteefact 2304 days ago

The Greatest Generation knows!!!

OsborneInk 2304 days ago

This old man officially rocks.

even59 2304 days ago

My Pop was a WWII vet, he would give you a big hug if he was still alive...uh, guess it goes without saying he'd have to be ali...HUGS to you, sir!

usernametaken70 2304 days ago

Funny thing is, the Nazis were leftists. (sorry, 'right wing' doesn't mean fascist)

rachelpartdeux 2304 days ago

LOL. Nuff said!

foogol 2304 days ago

The rally for sanity was Mega Inspirational.

LfrogBranch 2304 days ago

Love it!! Best sign !

thebruhler 2304 days ago

hahaha :) this is great!