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Rules of Engagement, THURSDAYS at 9:30 on CBS

Running low on good twitpix. Down to time and radio station are the same. Eh..

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2228 days ago

Running low on good twitpix. Down to time and radio station are the same. Eh..


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sydthefox 2226 days ago

Get down to the track and put $94.50 on race 9 for 45 calibre to win...this is cosmic alignment you cant lose man !

manuelmexichaun 2227 days ago

Are you in AZ listening to KOOL 94.5? lol

CriticSssms 2227 days ago

Hi davey were yu at the big hootenanny?in wash.w/ John Stewart?
Holy m o g. Ten million people !!!!! Wow

OneandOnlyLiLT 2227 days ago

Only you dude... only you! This is why we luv ya, u take the time 2 make us laugh! Did u plan this?

ABEAUTY2UNVEIL 2228 days ago

its david spade.. its only 'natural' to lol.

Gerome691 2228 days ago

And listening to John Cougar

Gerome691 2228 days ago

18th and 70th?

Gerome691 2228 days ago

But that is not funny. So why did my ex-wife just pee her pants a little? AFV

Gerome691 2228 days ago

Headed N.E. on 18 street?

JesseeParks 2228 days ago

9+4+5=18, 1+8=9, 9=4+5 There's a nine reference going on here. Start looking for that number.

2andahalfTweets 2228 days ago


CriticSssms 2228 days ago

That's very funny; Americas funniest video?????

CelticLinz 2228 days ago

A for effort.

ThaNorseGod 2228 days ago

David, are you still in that BTTF DeLorean or something? Or are you trying to hook your Prius up with a Flux Capacitor? :D

ThaNorseGod 2228 days ago

Dude.. seriously I think you made some scientific discovery in that pic.. "Spade Rays"?.. it's like the dark matter discovery... or cosmic rays

Naydeeners1989 2228 days ago

LOL at the same time? That's gotta be some kind of spooker!

maddaxe111 2228 days ago

Dos goooood

Dyaus_Piter 2228 days ago

That is amazing! That must happen like once a century!