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Is this cookie still good?  5 day rule?

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1420 days ago

Is this cookie still good? 5 day rule?


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JohnALinc 1391 days ago

Empty water bottles that were filled with Vodka.

sydthefox 1416 days ago

Forget about the cookie, Im sizing up the shoe, ive got a left one just like it

devon_rikkoff 1417 days ago

and don't eat it it looks like poop

devon_rikkoff 1417 days ago

I love your 7up commercials they are hilarious

hbgcathy 1418 days ago

first its sun glasses its on, so go for it it look clean but besure to take a pic on you eating it and pulling it out of the garbage,,,, want to see it done, or you can pay a kid a dime ti eat it for you....LOL

EngaCrue 1419 days ago

I go with you. 5 day rule!

shellydurham67 1419 days ago


MOmilkman 1419 days ago

Clean can liner - clean water bottles.... Whats the problem?

BigTmb 1419 days ago

Don't be a Pussy there's starving kids in Africa

__Hayley__ 1419 days ago

LMAO. Looks like somebody tossed their cookies (I know, terrible pun)

ABEAUTY2UNVEIL 1419 days ago

looks good for someone who is dumpster divin.... ( cough, cough, cough clearin my throat)

adamrmurphy 1419 days ago

Trash is like Electricity. If A cookie touches the Trash Bag or Trash it is Trash. Don't Eat Trash.

sarahpaski 1419 days ago

The cookie seems to be sitting on top of a shoe...?

Naydeeners1989 1419 days ago

Is that a chocolate chip cookie? I can't tell if it is or not, but it looks 5 days less fresh.

CriticSssms 1419 days ago

Bring it home to that squirrel he'll eat it.

JesseeParks 1419 days ago

I think this qualifies as cookie jerky at this point. Unless you like a good chew, pass.

mrnikey 1419 days ago

dat iz fuckin nasty my G

zigpam 1419 days ago

Don't eat it, go buy a new cookie.

Hailamonster 1419 days ago

eewww man

makeup_artistry 1419 days ago

I've done it before - totally NOT worth it (but not out of a bin, obviously!)