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2011 days ago


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ElMujeron16 1980 days ago

where was that nick ? you look wierd in this picture.. lol <3

ItalianCutie212 2007 days ago

Hope you're having a great vacation. I think the camera is alittle too high though..haha! :) Take more pictures while you're on vacation!

AnnLeslieJ 2008 days ago

Have fun!!! Looking forward to seeing you next season.

gina_grc 2009 days ago

Enjoy your time off! You deserve it! See ya next season. :)

ShaneComeHome 2009 days ago was a long season and wish it could have been a little longer, but next year it will be!

shiver523 2009 days ago

did you have this vacation booked before the ALCS? that could actually explain why you hit .091

yankee_freedom 2010 days ago

Have a great time Swish!!!

tasardano 2010 days ago

Have a great vacation Swish. Hope all is well. Can't wait for next season.

SmokinEddie 2010 days ago

Enjoy it, Swish, you deserve it! You had a hell of a season, rest away!

CazzoAMORe 2010 days ago

Take Me with youu!!
lol ..Enjoy swisher iknow you Know how to PARTY it up!

BoogieFighter 2011 days ago

Enjoy everything right now, because next year we got to win ourselves a World Series Trophy.

cactusnick26 2011 days ago

Yo man hell of a season. Please check out my sports blog and tell me what you think.

MGiovingo 2011 days ago

Enjoy the offseason Swish! Cause we need you ready to go next season, I can feel 28 coming!

munsonNYY 2011 days ago

Make sure you relax now cause we need to make sure you're on the field this time next year.

adamlikessports 2011 days ago

Do work Swish! Bleacher creatures love no. 33! Have a blast!

mrcwroyal88 2011 days ago

i love it

SenorNerd 2011 days ago

Wheres Joanna??

Bubba_521 2011 days ago

I know u havin a blast bro but I so wish u were on the field rockin the series. Hope big Teix is doin good

JchupsJ0816 2011 days ago

NICE!!!!!! Wish i was there with you

Burr_Brandon 2011 days ago

Swish wheres your chew man? I almost didnt recognize you w/o it. I got mine in right now!