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I'm a book dandy. Yesterday belongs to me. Past is my present. x But the truth is that I'm just a boy from Herman's Hermits' songs.

Old-fashioned add of twitter. heh)

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2274 days ago

Old-fashioned add of twitter. heh)


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Rosecvbjo 2210 days ago

hHi check out

janlasnon 2262 days ago


lucyann14 2267 days ago

Come back Stephen I only joined twitter to read your twittering! Don't abandon me so early in our relationship!!!!!!

lucasrnogueira 2273 days ago

mto massa!! kkkkkkkkkkkk

fishguardian60 2273 days ago

I SAAAY! Isn't that Terry Thomas in the middle of the picture? What an absolute cad! Diiing Dong!

Alesya 2273 days ago

Amazing! Love it!

EspalhaFato 2273 days ago


jimmbboe 2273 days ago


StLouisMan2 2273 days ago


queenof_miami 2273 days ago


Myheartsathome 2273 days ago

oh how funny!!

DD_Meeks 2273 days ago

Enjoy with an after-dinner cigarette and scotch.

hazelma 2273 days ago

Wow!! great advert!!

megthomm 2273 days ago

i found this the other day :) i love things like this :) xx

liliana_von_k 2273 days ago

Ronald Reagan, Marilyn Monroe, Errol Flynn, Jimmy Stewart & some little kid can't be wrong!

_RobinKing_ 2273 days ago

Bwahah!!!! And look! He's already got 4 followers! Ahh...the interwebs are grand.

Naturalcurls 2274 days ago

Brilliant! (claps hands vigorously) Kudos to the Creative Director, Art Director and copywriter. :)

giftdinlavenham 2274 days ago


michpamoran 2274 days ago

Ahhh The Good ole days....

JamesTwelves 2274 days ago

Oh God...the Political Correct police are on the prowl....Stephen Fry is awesome!....