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Miley Cyrus out and about LA rocking her latest head accessory!

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1859 days ago

Miley Cyrus out and about LA rocking her latest head accessory!


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JB2Mississippi 1859 days ago

Alright Miley. You can totally prance around LA without a bra. That's cool. Wtf. Why doesn't she wear clothes

mandyrribeiro 1859 days ago

moça? bra?

Worship_Love 1859 days ago

peitinhuuuuu kkkk

xmileyyy 1859 days ago

miley looks hot! =]

xime_rifai 1859 days ago

Hmm interesting... I wonder if that's a bra or not?

iPurpleBunny 1859 days ago

Gorgeous Miley as usual <3

MileyIsAHuman 1859 days ago

miles pode ficar sem sutiã hm :) prettyyyy

xharryshair 1859 days ago


MC_7things 1859 days ago


Lovatic4_Demi 1859 days ago

her bood is like freakin out of her shirt!

MyGorgeousCyrus 1859 days ago

Ugh Miley u.u

beyondthewords_ 1859 days ago

And her boobs

Justinss_BB 1859 days ago

umm is she trying to turn indiannnnn.......?

MileyNYCyrus 1859 days ago

your so right! i don't get it either it makes me miss the old miley a little when she does stuff like this but i will support her no matter what!

nehajoejonas 1859 days ago

if bindi would have been soo ugly..thn katy perry n russell brand wouldnt hav married in India :X

AmeliesDestiny 1859 days ago

why she is not wearing a bra currently? Miles you have enough money go and buy yourself some new bras ;) P.s.: i will always support her (even if she's wearing no bra) Haha

nehajoejonas 1859 days ago

yaa rite...theres nothng ugly abt it

x_JustFearless 1859 days ago

Its funny how half the people here are looking at her boobs. Honestly, theres not much to say! Shes getting out of her car!

GuadyDonati 1859 days ago

OMG :| her boob is like outside the shirt.

K2MyGuitarHero 1859 days ago

wow.. yeah everyone's gonna noticed her head accessory..