Bam Margera


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Zavannahi 2167 days ago

hhaah but why ''no gay sex'' :DDDD

Marie_SPb 2233 days ago

your mom and dad rock!

_LindseyRiley_ 2247 days ago

haha! that's great! gotta love mom and dad!

Nickodaa 2258 days ago

and to think they arent kidding..

Cawley96 2292 days ago


siljerenee 2301 days ago


rachelangelbabe 2304 days ago

lol bet it was phils idea to write this. angelrai x

HiMyNameIsChaa 2310 days ago

Wtf XD, No gaysex :P hahaha.

LyMelodic 2413 days ago

It's a tie between # 6 and # 9 for my favorite.

Sharmaine199 2414 days ago

knowing bam thats his task list right there...haha XD.

amhaug 2533 days ago

you have rockin' parentals...i hope you give them a lot of high fives.

RawrCatt 2534 days ago

pmsl, love the last one, novak is awsome (L)

fiendwithaface1 2535 days ago

l to the o to the l

TheRealDevin 2553 days ago

come to florida :)

blackswan3kr 2554 days ago

I like 6 and 7 the best....u dont need to have skanks on the bus..and i hope there isnt any gay sex going on!

hannyxo 2555 days ago

australia* :p

hannyxo 2555 days ago

come to autralia, but mainly sydney :)

thedooma 2556 days ago

Hey bam come to australia you go everywhere in the f*cking world but australia you are a god here so get your ass down. and make a stop buy my house in COLAC VIC you haggard person of uncertain parentage

bobbiealice 2556 days ago

Just your normal everyday list of things your folks dont want you to do,they spoil all the fun!! x haha

angelface62282 2557 days ago

how sad is it that the crew has probably broke every rule atleast once already!! 3 & 7?'s...