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2230 days ago


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Balkingpoints 2228 days ago

(cont) let health insurers lock out millions of sick Americans, and go violent on anyone in the way of a return to the failed laissez-faire agenda of Bush. A super-ignorant.

Balkingpoints 2228 days ago

Assuming Tim is a true TBagger, he thinks we should deregulate banks, cut taxes on the super-wealthy because it Trickles Down, (cont)

chaely 2229 days ago

Oh look! Two of the most despicable men in the media today smiling like a couple of sociopaths.

CDRutledge 2229 days ago

It takes a big man to stomp on someone who is down. It is exactly what Jesus would do.

myles4mayor 2229 days ago

the head kicker is the guy on the right, yes? Looks inbred to me... but... his lover on the left is...

palmerblues 2229 days ago

Now that we know who this jerk is, arrest him for assault and battery already!

palmerblues 2229 days ago

Mein Fuhrer, it is such an honor to follow your invincible march to victory.

jsalsman 2229 days ago

inciting conservatives to violence: like father, like son

btc3rd 2229 days ago

he deserves a fair trial. Let's not get aHEAD of ourselves now...

benintn 2229 days ago

Peas in a pod.

bitphaser 2230 days ago

Which one of these guys likes kicking people when there down?

hendrey 2230 days ago

Tim Profitt--just one more Fake Patriot.

ms_annayork 2230 days ago

Wow, two horribe citizens, one picture. Males who condone beating of women to feel like men!

livegreenordie 2230 days ago

"One fact well understood by observation, and well guided development, is worth a thousand times more than a thousand words" - The American Journal of Education, 1858