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Spotted on a bus in Shepherds Bush, guees who?

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1858 days ago

Spotted on a bus in Shepherds Bush, guees who?


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xeno1ith 1703 days ago

Adolf looks pretty darn good for a 122 year old.

KungPaoCow 1716 days ago

I almost lol'd to death

resisttheglam 1834 days ago

Fuck off everyone, that's Hitler and George Bush

My_Castiel 1851 days ago

eeeeek.. I shall be watching out for these two anytime I get on the 207 bus. where is that? Uxbridge rd heading toward Shepherds Bush?

nightierosie 1852 days ago

Hitler and vivienne westwood?

RoyGrainger 1855 days ago

Davros, disguised with a mock curly perm and Adolf plot the destruction of humanity
"Next stop please, oh, zis is nacht Poland!!!"

luciouslou1 1856 days ago

Maggie thatcher and adolf hitler !!!!!

duncr 1857 days ago

Is it the comedian Richard Herring?

michalvasko 1857 days ago


TwisBeats 1857 days ago


macmccolgan 1857 days ago

Is it Mike Gardner off to another Tory Fancy Dress Party?

MancJules 1857 days ago

Ooh I didn't realise Hitler & Jon Pertwee were friends.

The_Stuster 1857 days ago

Bummer! Such is life.

The_Stuster 1857 days ago

Is it the guy from 'Downfall'? Is he just about to find out that Michael Jackson is dead, and go off on one?

steand 1857 days ago

Oh no! Mary Whitehouse is back!

f_caley 1858 days ago

uhmezzin =]

kellypebbles994 1858 days ago

wow thats kinda scarey

georginacarrr 1858 days ago

Ha this really is amazing! :-)

AdrianAndShane 1858 days ago

posted this on september 10th: RT spotted Hitler on the #luas this morning

ColaWTF 1858 days ago

whoa he looks like hitler!