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Princess Pigelette and Harajuku ;)

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2237 days ago

Princess Pigelette and Harajuku ;)


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_loveAngela 2227 days ago

#fact Pigs are seriously cute ♥

CarlosChild 2234 days ago

Wooow Princess Pigelette grew up so fast,she is very fat..hahh love her!:)She's So cute and sweet.

Friday94 2234 days ago

Cuties :)

AriadnaFdez 2234 days ago

aww i love ur pets!

ClemPinBarraz 2234 days ago

<3 Pig ;D

EddieLopez8 2235 days ago

I like ine needles.

thegreatEJ 2236 days ago

Harajuku: "Hey Princess P, how are gonna get out? I can't reach the door handle, and I don't have thumbs. We're so screwed."

tifffanycombs 2236 days ago

i love the dog! <3

danilu061090 2236 days ago


winimaus 2236 days ago


Pi0ggia 2236 days ago

Your pets are definitely the cutest! ;)

yukeeeeeeee 2236 days ago

you named him Harajuku..! Is he from Japan..?=) SO cute..

sunstar60680 2236 days ago

“I am very proud to be called a pig. It stands for pride, integrity and guts.”
Ronald Reagan quotes (American 40th US President (1981- 89), 1911-2004

JimmyGorilla 2236 days ago

How much is Pigelette going to weigh when it grows up?

ihmaameerachira 2236 days ago

nice :)

wiredhyperspace 2236 days ago

it need a frog

kopurii 2236 days ago

lol^^Harajuku is a famous name of a place of Japan.very cute!!!^^

Teuksticle 2236 days ago

lol, a pig?

Teuksticle 2236 days ago

lol, a pig?