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Mugsy my pug has the cutest mug. ;)

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1935 days ago

Mugsy my pug has the cutest mug. ;)


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CHiCCONE_ 1903 days ago

I love pugs and the litle squahshed up face!

Kalade 1904 days ago

awww love the little squashed up face

KAUEMENEGHELLI 1910 days ago

What a beautiful dog! Cute!

Rosii_perez 1913 days ago

ooo this is so cutee

snawer 1913 days ago

oww i love this dog is soooo cute *-*

SelGomez26 1923 days ago

oh how cuteeeee!!!!!!! look at those eyes! awwwww

_loveAngela 1925 days ago

Those eyes melt my ♥ :) Give hug for me

SymArda 1926 days ago

OMG! really so cute! awwwhhhh (:) ♥

MORICETSZ 1926 days ago

I want a pug so effin bad!! : (

PorquaLeon 1926 days ago

this has got to be the cutest Pug... what kind of pug is he???

xSofaSophx 1932 days ago

If Mugsy disapears in the night, Ive took him jk

Friday94 1933 days ago

Omg he does! <3 Is that a ghost dog at the left corner? :O lol

Beatrizpeixoto1 1933 days ago

ahhh like mine! my name is charlotte, P

letifranco_ 1933 days ago

awww i'm in love with him hahaha :) xo mugsyyyyy :)

MisteaTex 1934 days ago

Just makes me miss my little Peanut pug!!!!

bosie3 1934 days ago

gorgeous paris, you should meet my bro, he has loada of cute pugs, kiss to mugsy

fleur_de_lys87 1934 days ago

So adorable :-)

HERNANVASQUEZ 1934 days ago


tifffanycombs 1934 days ago

oooooooooooh so cute! i want it! hanw! <3