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my intro to public speaking teacher O_O

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2422 days ago

my intro to public speaking teacher O_O


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Ninna_McCurdian 1884 days ago

Is that a teacher? :))

karinachan 2390 days ago

Your CMN 1 TA? She must be Ilana Kitover. She was my intro to public speaking TA

2plus3equals5 2417 days ago

i got 2 words! Popsicle! Wait that's one word...dont take that seriously

kimster113 2417 days ago


wschultze1010 2419 days ago


OneflipDan 2420 days ago

Woah. She's gorgeous.

INDIGOHAPPY 2420 days ago one teacher
is this hot ass model,
and the other makes Asian porn...
Can I go to your school??

mynameisnipp 2420 days ago

Thats a long way off from what my public speaking teacher looked like.

attkofshowfan 2420 days ago

im wrong thats must be the photographers name lmao

attkofshowfan 2420 days ago

lmao... her name is carved in the bar

yourcoolsarah 2420 days ago

wow, did she tell you she use to model?

angelahhhhhhhhh 2421 days ago

is she even old enough to teach?

CarlWearsPrada 2421 days ago

well I can understand why everyone would pay attention hahaha

Lisazou 2421 days ago

Uhh disturbing much.

MHabs3921 2421 days ago

haha i agree with someone below :P drop out before you do something your shouldnt in class :P haha

ritalimehouse 2422 days ago

hotness! lol, I agree with V12345c, you prolly won't be skipping class anytime soon.

v12345c 2422 days ago

wow, she looks like a model
I'm sure you won't skip any of her classes. lol

schlaukind 2422 days ago

But it look like this pic had been photoshoped

itsaminoacid 2422 days ago

Lmao well that won't be awkward at all when you see her next ((:

Justtom 2422 days ago

DUDE THATS MY MOM!! nah jk. but damn shes hott. how do u pay attention in class?