Grant Imahara


Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

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Cameraman Ben, director Wendy, and soundie Al. #karibyron #mythbusters

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1969 days ago

Cameraman Ben, director Wendy, and soundie Al. #karibyron #mythbusters


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Heathernaut 1961 days ago

Oh man, I didn't know Kari was expecting!! She looks great! I hope she'll still be on the show after the baby's born. I mean, after a bit of maternal leave of course.

Oriental_Ramen 1963 days ago

Ehm, just to clarify, by "You guys" I meant those suggesting that you experiment with the baby.

Oriental_Ramen 1963 days ago

You guys are horrible. "Next on Mythbusters, does dropping a baby on it's head actually screw it up for life?"

DrBobLoblaw 1965 days ago

I knew it!! I could see it in her eyes during the 2-hour car smash extravaganza. Congrats to Kari.

KrystalBall 1967 days ago

Aww how cute it Kari!?

kitsu_ 1968 days ago

aw kari looks so adorable!!! :D

xelrash 1968 days ago

Myth: Your newborn can’t actually see you — just shadows.

xelrash 1968 days ago

Myth: You have to buy special detergent to wash the baby clothes with

xelrash 1968 days ago

Myth: Fetal heart rate can indicate your baby's sex.

xelrash 1968 days ago

Myth: The shape and fullness of your face during pregnancy can indicate your baby's sex.

xelrash 1968 days ago

Myth: The shape and height of your belly can indicate your baby's sex.

tGerald 1968 days ago

Cameraman has Carpal Tunnel? Thought you could only get that from Twitter!

Marande 1968 days ago

Cool picture! Why is Wendy standing on a box? So she can see from the same height as the cameraman?

iamnotepad 1968 days ago

:) Can't wait to see Kari's little one! You guys better be bustin some baby myths!

dwarfette 1968 days ago

Kari is glowing, and I can't wait to see all the baby myths i KNOW you guys will do! LOL

GOLDOVE777 1968 days ago

Hi Grant,This is Baby Jamie Hyneman and i'm looking at your twitpics.Glad your here!!!

samurai007 1968 days ago

Nice production shot, I think a behind the scenes episode would be pretty interesting. How does one get to work behind the camera at Mythbusters anyway?

AshleyAddict 1968 days ago

Wow Kari is so big I love it! I bet shes so excited. I know were all excited for her. =]

n_o_r_t_y 1969 days ago

i can't wait for the baby mythbuster can you spell baby myths

lisa_n 1969 days ago

I have met Al. Al is certified awesome.