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Our awsome omni-drive forklift! #geektour

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2842 days ago

Our awsome omni-drive forklift! #geektour


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pogoreloff 2557 days ago

30 sec video of the omni-drive — lacks the moonwalker soundtrack

MacG5User 2752 days ago

Those things are AWESOME !

ChrisThornton 2753 days ago

I saw this on the new startrek movie, but I saw it on your show first

wulfsbane 2780 days ago

I've driven many forklifts in my life, but I have to say I've never even seen one of these. Now I want one.

veritas_ppb 2797 days ago

Was that - or something like it - on the new Star Trek movie?

risknc 2836 days ago

Mecanum wheels are sweet! I have to wonder how much traction you can get though.

tazman2087 2836 days ago

That's about the coolest thing I have ever seen.

UmeboshiSan 2842 days ago

I'm thinking that must take some adjustment to operate. Right?

itsjustcarlo 2842 days ago

Wow, when the machines rise up to kill us all. Omnidrive is how they'll run us down.

DrBugda 2842 days ago


jenkinsm13 2842 days ago

That is too cool. Any chance we'll get to see it in action on the show?

alantshearer 2842 days ago

What a spot on bit of kit! O & thanks for all the work on the show

sambo_baggins 2842 days ago

Dude that freakin awesome!

atmgr82 2842 days ago

Now we know what they do with retired bowling pins ...