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hip hip hooray! Looks like Tabby is here to stay!

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2098 days ago

hip hip hooray! Looks like Tabby is here to stay!


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kittycatman2 1843 days ago

I lost my kitty "Shadow" last Wednesday to cancer. She was my best friend for 13 years. Adored♥

iheartkylee 2096 days ago

My daughter and I rescued a kitten out of a tree yesterday. gonna keep her if no one claims her.

Jax420 2096 days ago

Aww, right on! She is just beautiful! N I do love that gorgeous little house of hers =]

Pi0ggia 2097 days ago

Sweet :)

yasomon 2098 days ago



Sallyohyeah 2098 days ago

Looks like a very loving catty !

cheekyoziechick 2098 days ago

I don't adopt neighbors cats..they adopt me. I love people who love cats, they have kind hearts.

britluciano 2098 days ago

jejej the cat's face is very funny
love the little houseee

LadyGryf 2098 days ago

so cute ^^

SparklesDaCat 2098 days ago cute!

zigpam 2098 days ago

Love the little house, is this your kitty Nicolee?

bringlish 2098 days ago

OMG sooooo adorable!

sweetmandyy 2098 days ago

aww! I need to get my kitty one of these!

PixiePoe123 2098 days ago

We rescued our cat 8 years ago. Fortunately, he allows us to still live in the house with him :).

LauraAustralia1 2098 days ago

yahoo:) your little kids will be happy:)

Bevtoyou 2098 days ago

Haha! Tabby has the life of Raleigh now! Looks so content and happy. :) Good for you for adopting the kitty. :)

DirtyHamster76 2098 days ago

As a cat lover, I totally appreciate and thank you for giving Tabby shelter and food!! This is a adorable!

skinny_bit__ 2098 days ago

Tabby has a better home then I have xD

alyscal 2098 days ago

So cute!

TreasureMaelys 2098 days ago

Just so cute :) Love her <3