Pictured: Home of the La Habra Heights Fire Watch's scanner broadcast and EAS receive system for The La Habra Valley area.  A separate rack contains the transmission equipment.

EAS (Emergency Alert System) decoder is a broadcast grade TFT EAS 911unit and monitors 5 sources 24/7, listening automatically for alerts forwarding them on to all concerned.

We monitor: KFI AM 640, KFWB AM 980, NOAA WX 162.500, CA OES and LASD SCC.

Additional details for scanner feed:

Radios/Scanners: Vertex 4200 (HGTS 1-4), Vertex 2200 (LHH FIRE), RS PRO 2006 (everything else), Uniden BC 780 XLT, audio line out into Henry Engineering Match Box HD low level to high level audio converter then into a audio-technica AT-MX351 automatic mixer with custom delay/priority interface.   La Habra Heights Fire Watch systems (HGTS. 1-4) and LHH Fire Dept. dispatch given priority override over all other traffic, final processing by a DBX 160A compressor/limiter. Henry Engineering Match Box HD high level to low level converter used to feed Internet (line input of laptop) and CENTREX telephone line via an Innkeeper 1x Digital Hybrid.  Scanner fed by antenna farm through a Celwave 1x6 multi-coupler used for newsgathering and EAS alerts. APC 2200 UPS.

Computer: Dedicated 1998 IBM 1700 i Series laptop (Windows 2000) streamed via DSL connection located in Norwalk, CA.

Note: Red Flag warnings, issued by National Weather Service and Extreme Fire Danger Conditions, issued by The Los Angeles County Fire Department for Fire Zone 548 (San Gabriel Valley) are transmitted on LHH Fire Watch systems.  System also broadcasts all EAS warnings issued for the Los Angeles area. 

Scanner feed priority list: 
Radio 1: La  Habra Heights Fire Watch ECN Net (Emergency Alert System Warnings (EAS) for LA & Orange County)
Radio 2: La Habra Heights Fire Department
Radio 3: LA County Sheriff and Fire Department
Radio 4: CHP Santa Fe Springs office and "New Blue" Pursuits/SIG Alerts, 123.025 LA Helicopters (Test Feed) Frequencies