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The word Quiz doesn't look right!! It looks like 2uip?

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2424 days ago

The word Quiz doesn't look right!! It looks like 2uip?


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FelisBieber 2085 days ago

ur hand writing is neat ;]

ShayLee33 2153 days ago

Stupid cursive "Q"s! capitol cursie "E"s look like 3's. It's okay. We can't all be the brightest crayon in the crayon box!

Kayla_HOTMESS 2157 days ago

you have beautiful handwriting!

iFellForBiebs 2210 days ago

YOu have great and beautiful handwriting! :)) its pritty cool! ;)

xXhawabaybehXx 2298 days ago

I lovee your handwritinq

WoaahitsBritt 2313 days ago

hearts for dots are ledgandary =D

AliceBPeters 2313 days ago

Thats what I do when I get bored of taking notes, I redo titles in perfect cursive.

Saddddie 2338 days ago

Hehe, I like that you dot your i's with little hearts ; )

ShakeitBieber 2347 days ago

aw cute handwriting (:

xXaleinaXx 2358 days ago

Nice handwriting! i wish i could have that kind of handwriting!!!! =D

isa_jerry 2358 days ago

aaaww how cute! loved your handwriting debby *-*

MarijaPavicic 2363 days ago

my gosh you write like 1st grader hahah

Mika926 2366 days ago

i can see that!thats a reason i hate writing cursive, it makes other letters look like other letters

Baileysprinkles 2378 days ago

It looks like 2uiz

eViLcHiLd967 2379 days ago

lol. that's why i never really liked the cursive capital "Q".... but still ur writing's amazing!

kellyjjonas 2385 days ago

wow, ur cursive is really nice. i really can't write like that

jakechau12 2386 days ago

kute handwriting ^.^

stopthewoorld 2386 days ago

ahahaah you're right :P ily debby

stardust4115 2388 days ago

So that's how you make a Q. huh. You have such neat hand writing.

AllThisAndJaNet 2389 days ago

crap u write in all cursive!? dang!