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Kari and her other dog Gertie. #karibyron #myhtbusters #fromset

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2667 days ago

Kari and her other dog Gertie. #karibyron #myhtbusters #fromset


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DoctorsBadGirl 2646 days ago

This is a very awesome pic.

gregsmi 2656 days ago

Beautiful girl!

Krommsan 2667 days ago

Kari, you are going to be the 'cool' mom...take care of yourself and have fun!

edwardssmith 2667 days ago

Beautiful pic!! Aren't iPhones great!

iamnotepad 2667 days ago

Too cute :) Both her dogs are adorable, and so is she! :)

waqaychay 2667 days ago

they are both adorable!

kimmybusterdepp 2667 days ago

Omg this is sooooooooo Cute!! Gotta love that little dog with such a beautiful girl!

tracyberna 2667 days ago

Is it even POSSIBLE for Kari to look anything but amazing in a picture?

lizjwright 2667 days ago

Kari by herself: Very cute. Gertie by herself: Very Cute. Kari AND Gertie: why is my screen not exploding?! :D

JLCoburn 2667 days ago

Gotta love the 'Flammable' storage right behind her in the pic.

dwarfette 2667 days ago

aw, thats the cutest pic!! kari is so beautiful!

eric_rossi 2667 days ago

gertie looks JUST like my dog

assassysin 2667 days ago

D'awwww, that's a cute little dog! Lovely Kari is lovely, as always.

sspaz1000 2667 days ago

Very cute :)

robford37 2667 days ago

That picture just made my day! =)

rockymtnadam 2667 days ago

neato! Very cool picture... thanks for all the updates, Grant!

SCSImatrix 2667 days ago

Both adorable creatures.

Marande 2667 days ago

Both really really cute! Pics with doggies win every time. :)

lisa_n 2667 days ago

Hi Gertie! Who's a good dog? She is. Yes she is. Ahem. Sorry.

cahuich_hypatia 2667 days ago

Is it the Mythbuster's mascot?