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Amongst my qualities, which include reciting prime numbers backwards from 90956, reading to blind children & training seals, embellishment may be at the top.

Always a pleasure to wake up, make a coffee and read my email:

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2168 days ago

Always a pleasure to wake up, make a coffee and read my email:


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KirstenAcuna 2055 days ago

perhaps you should send Mr. Fallow the following as it seems he needs help with his spelling: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/misspelling

JayZawrotny 2143 days ago

Ha, do you think he actually made that teardrop or just found a teardrop image?

NGPriest 2159 days ago

Let's email him! But i was also wondering what are those numbers at the side?

Hexual 2162 days ago


Feyden 2164 days ago

In response to "Your articles are crap", well at least you read them eh? Mission F#$*ing accomplished

peachepe 2165 days ago

I was sad

JNOVJezebel 2167 days ago

Interesting that dude's name is Fallow. Didn't Onan spill his seed on fallow ground?

SharkAttackBait 2167 days ago

The talk bubble lets you know he really said it.

BloatedBitchy 2167 days ago

TOO fucking funny! That guy deserved to be lambasted on your site. What an idiot!

reidavidson 2167 days ago

I feel like he gave it a valiant try but the typography really could be better.

The_Machin 2167 days ago

It's Mintred v2.0!

katmidori 2167 days ago

He could've done an Andy Warhol on this.

MasonDelapp 2167 days ago

Is that supposed to be your boyfriend's jizz, or his boyfriend's jizz?

charyhds 2167 days ago

Hi5!! I do too!! Of course I'm a girl, but aren't we in 2010? What's with Fallow thinking being a homosexual is an insult?? And loving penis? Someone has to work in his insulting imagination. You still look hot in that pic penis lover!

alantoo 2167 days ago

This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time

refereeincroker 2167 days ago

How do you get the droplets so perfect? *starts a "whats my jizz like campaign and mails dfallow.co.uk*

hxili 2168 days ago

I've never seen such accurate-looking jizz in my life.

Cluelesslou 2168 days ago

Well, I expect once he'd accidentally got jizz all over the photo, he thought he might as well make the best of it.

ohoh69 2168 days ago


geannad 2168 days ago

Well, with that solid evidence, who would doubt? Lmao. Some people still use MS Paint.