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I invented post-it's

Awwwww @sofifii you look so cute but you're a week early for Halloween!

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1939 days ago

Awwwww you look so cute but you're a week early for Halloween!


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Chunksbitch 1423 days ago

You mean to tell me I'm just figuring this shit out now....#BOL u guys are hillarious

PeaceLoveFatima 1937 days ago

bahahahahahaha i love this costume!!!!! haha

SarahKerteer 1938 days ago


yoann01 1938 days ago

oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!

cassijoy 1939 days ago

Guess I need to take my costume back..... So pissed....

BoneSaw81 1939 days ago

What the hell is that? *lol* ... I think i live in the wrong country ;)

mygrickmike 1939 days ago

art n big artist me n happy? for my new way nervios : ) cool

julianafrainer 1939 days ago


eatpraybiebs 1939 days ago


MashAndrianova 1939 days ago

so freak it out!!

MardiGras30 1939 days ago


gabifoganholi 1939 days ago


Carolinaaasilva 1939 days ago

It was the crudest thing I've ever seen in my life, the worst until it was cute. HAHAHA.

Bevtoyou 1939 days ago

OMG! HAHAHA! YOU are too funny Ms. Ritchie! :D

cheekyoziechick 1939 days ago

Nice legs at least...eew for the rest of it.

b91k 1939 days ago

granny porn.

MistaCaLiii 1939 days ago

so effen ugly thats the ugliest poodle i ever seen

_xopeacelove 1939 days ago

lmfao crazzy!!

SpencerKenyatta 1939 days ago


SassyChunny 1939 days ago

Hahaha. Loves it!