Joe Arpaio


Sheriff of Maricopa County Arizona

I just got done welcoming Sarah Palin to our County. Had a nice chat and gave her a pair of pink underwear.

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2239 days ago

I just got done welcoming Sarah Palin to our County. Had a nice chat and gave her a pair of pink underwear.


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sdriscoll333 1938 days ago

What are you thinking Joe? Can we take
you serious now? Not !

ThePaganTemple 2227 days ago

Joe Arpaeo Sec. of Department of Homeland Security in THE future Palin Administration.

ThePaganTemple 2227 days ago

I'm not sure this is such a good move on your part Joe. Makes me wonder if this is really you.

johnslat 2229 days ago

Ah, a meeting of the mindless.

MJai23 2234 days ago

Two Dark Bodies that Lost their Ascension DNA codes!
Go back to the Dark Deathstar Universe!!!

yttrx 2234 days ago

Twitter aint quite what you thought it was, was it Sherriff only-gay-when-im-drunk, huh.

kalyco 2235 days ago


47monsters 2235 days ago

Disgusting. Both of you.

Shrug53 2235 days ago

LAY OFF SHERIFF JOE! He is a great man and a true American! You bad-mouthers should be ashamed! GO JOE!

mommylisa 2235 days ago

How absolutely pervy.

durbanbud 2235 days ago

Eeeew. How trashy! What a PERV you are.

gunshot1 2235 days ago

Maybe she can come visit you in jail after your many grand jury investigations pan out to your prosecution...

Eddie94603 2236 days ago

What a pair of twats you and she make

Eddie94603 2236 days ago

Did you wear them first Sheriff Joe or just inhaled their sweet scent before Sarah pollutes 'em?

ChristinEricame 2236 days ago

Did Silly Sara give you something special too...? wink betcha!

coreylynxx 2236 days ago

This man needs to be put in a nursing home and a sane sheriff should replace him.

coreylynxx 2236 days ago

He puts misdemeanor, non-violent offenders in with skinheads and other dangerous people.

coreylynxx 2236 days ago

Ew. Joe Arpaio is a racist corrupted psychopath.

JerryMander 2236 days ago

Is this part of your insanity defense Joe?

edwing1 2236 days ago

I think I would like her better in RED underwear but it really doesn't matter. ~[(::o)