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Excuse me miss, but there's something in my soup

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2313 days ago

Excuse me miss, but there's something in my soup


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MaraSofs 2079 days ago

okaaay, something totally different!

sofieee01 2292 days ago

ewww thats rank!

LuvsKingTaco 2305 days ago


nagarendra 2307 days ago

heyyyyyyyyyyyy did u eat that soup........wowwwww

cindyjfranco 2307 days ago

jajajajaj OMG very weard!!!!!!

astridpostma 2307 days ago

hahaha, did you eat this? :o

carolinabran 2308 days ago

Jajjajaja definitivamente que hay algo :D

Iamgeorgedaniel 2309 days ago

OMG ! This is sooo weird !

Avu_Harvey 2310 days ago

yumm :S !

TyieseMason 2310 days ago

Looks delicious! The Somethin' Else Cafe in the French Quarter is good eatin'.

juicysummers 2311 days ago

its impossible that you actually ate that somethin'

xcarrielovato 2311 days ago

And it's from the "Somethin' Else Cafe"? ;)

natashakornak 2311 days ago

Ew …

EmanEmanniya 2312 days ago

hahaha looks delicious! dont forget to suck on it once ur done with the meat!

freak1986 2312 days ago

O gross!:)

PaulaCoimbra 2312 days ago

EWW! I read "eat like the loonies". It is apropriated though.

tamara2ro 2312 days ago

That's appetizing, like a gross Spencer Squid Head, out of dirty waters.

BethLovesRayche 2312 days ago

haha... I can c why its called the something else cafe!

LauraSn_ 2313 days ago

ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.. im not hungry any more !!

B_McNemar 2313 days ago

That looks delicious!