Lance Bass


Holla! Just your average guy who had their awkward teenage years captured in music videos! Word!

Have no idea what Foster is doing!

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1865 days ago

Have no idea what Foster is doing!


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224ever 1584 days ago

Is there any cats in your neighborhood?

Onthegobysmooch 1862 days ago

See your blue eyes make people forget what they are doing!

jenny_35 1864 days ago

He looks way to guilty, lol... I dig up to see what he put there, lol Just kidding

jenny_35 1864 days ago

He looks like the same breed my Bella is or at least they look like the have the same face, lol...

_Be_Yourself_ 1864 days ago

Looks like daddy's caught him doing something,... What kind of dog is he? He's got a beautiful coat!

theusagirl 1864 days ago

He's burying his favorite chew toy..either a ball or something..lolz.soo cute!

Twilight_Spice 1865 days ago

Awww how cute maybe he's digging 4 treasure. lol

Lynner2010_O 1865 days ago

Awwwwwww. Maybe he lost something?

LizzzyBug 1865 days ago

Burying a bone?

prettyeyescarri 1865 days ago

Its look like he knows he Is In trouble or about to maybe pee on your plant ! lol to cute of a moment :).

Nicolee_Bell 1865 days ago

Cute (:

skulleezsgurl 1865 days ago

It looks like he is going through your plant.

Tamika_Meka 1865 days ago

LoL He must have buried some of his treasures in there :)

Juliuribe03 1865 days ago


na7dine 1865 days ago


amyhill85 1865 days ago

he looks guilty. :)

LeoCezimbra 1865 days ago

soo cute

katiebig 1865 days ago

awww soo cute

official_alicen 1865 days ago

hahaha!! gotta love dogs!!

aphroditeangel7 1865 days ago

He must be digging for a lost bone or something!