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2104 days ago


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Verneshot 2103 days ago


GreaterEmanuel 2104 days ago

Why Shaq got a booster seat and Nate don't?

famousfemi 2104 days ago

I guess you can say Shaq is sitting on his high horse

iAM_JUN 2104 days ago

LMAO! Shaq look like a freaking tank. Big ass dude! LOL.

noedorough 2104 days ago

hahahaha..he's sitting on something that makes him a giant :)

iam_Dupreexo 2104 days ago

he needs a seat for a big man

Kendall_isDrunk 2104 days ago

"anybody seen nate?"

ArthurArgolo 2104 days ago

ohohohoh, how small he is

TGunna 2104 days ago

Shaq is "RIDING STURDY"! Lol

Joorge_G24 2104 days ago

Hahaha man that would suck to sit behind them!!

TheTotoLaluces 2104 days ago

"I wish this was Nate I'm sitting on....."

DOTCOM34 2104 days ago

"I should have use that soft squeeze toilet paper"...

loveofthegame10 2104 days ago

" The oldest team in the NBA all the veterans get seat cushions its in there contracts"

nrspinney 2104 days ago

"SHAQ, take a seat....or four."

DonnieNelson 2104 days ago

(sigh)The chairs were sure a lot better in L.A.!!

ang_manunusok 2104 days ago

heads are too shiny, i can't see

M3L74 2104 days ago

"Can't wait to performed during halftime with my DJ Hero 2!

Psvillars 2104 days ago

those must be shaq-sized hemmoroids!

loveofthegame10 2104 days ago

" I guess Shaq did learn one thing from Phil Jackson, how to sit on the bench"

DALT_C 2104 days ago

biggest guy on the celtics needs a booster seat ... and its not big baby.