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2134 days ago

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drunkstar62 2129 days ago

Oh poor Samy get better soon...lots of love, kisses and hugs bello!!!!!!

march9dew 2132 days ago

get well soon samy...

Kattsong 2132 days ago

Awww poor samy, hope he gets better soon. He is so gorgeous. xx

rhed31 2132 days ago


Leauna 2133 days ago

Awww!!! kissed, hugs and belly rubs!!

kylievutilolo72 2133 days ago

ohhh the little darling, speedy recovery for Samy sending lots of hugs and kisses his way xxxxx

ktnluv 2133 days ago

SO sad! They hate the cone of shame! Hope Samy gets better soon! I know he has the best loving parents! Hugs!

ThisisErinBlair 2133 days ago


terrimuse 2133 days ago

aaw! Ever get the feeling when u say "It's for your own good" that they just don't believe you?

mitchboxx 2133 days ago

Poor Samy :( Although it is sad to see him like this, I know he will get lots of love in the Thomas house. ;-)

tbbdb 2133 days ago

Poor baby!! He's lucky to have someone taking such good care of him :)

SallysJungle 2133 days ago

Owww, Poor little pumkin, I hope you are feeling better.

InfantByNature 2133 days ago

Poor little guy. Man he looks fucked up.

Humble520 2133 days ago

pobre perro!!! Kisses little foxy Samy!!

INAMP 2133 days ago

Cute and sad at the same time. I'm sure he'll be better soon!

blissruthless 2134 days ago

aw, scotland sends love xx.

Raul_JRM 2134 days ago

This is sad to see. Get better little guy.

Angelbaby3567 2134 days ago

Poor little man....hope he's back to himself feelin' better real soon XOXO

KellyGrrrl73 2134 days ago

ohhhhh, poor widl pupppppppppyyy! was the surgery on his eye, or elsewhere? kissies!!

bluntio 2134 days ago

poor little guy....hope he gets well very soon..:))