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Any bets on how long these things last?

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1425 days ago

Any bets on how long these things last?


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mikeshippey 1125 days ago

a solid seven months.

debbyg0000 1423 days ago

don't know how, but that seriously happened

debbyg0000 1423 days ago

10 yrs ago I had a Beta. Lasted 6 months until 1 day it committed suicide jumping out of tank :/

debbyg0000 1423 days ago

My dad bought 8 goldfish 2 wks ago as of now only 1 swims by his lonesome self. Good luck Evan!

Ibleedblue2009 1425 days ago

put a small mirror up to tank and watch what happens.

bubbajenjen 1425 days ago

My son's fish always end up in that big toilet bowl in the sky.

JohnAsher1 1425 days ago

They are going to live a long time. Thats why I bought them for him Mama...

jillpenfield 1425 days ago

Bettas tend to do better when they are in small tanks (bowls). They dont like guarding large places.

jcjt1963 1425 days ago

I've never done well w/fish, but I wish Evan the best of luck. He's such a handsome young man!

KennyClaires 1425 days ago

I've had my beta for over a year now and he is still doing strong!

FatElvisInVegas 1425 days ago

Fish are fine. Get him a puppy.

BlackMaiden3 1425 days ago

quite a while if they arent near a mirror,they will try to fight the mirror and kill themselves

Bonita0601 1425 days ago

I cant tell what kind of fish they are, but if takin care of they last a while!

dannyheck 1425 days ago

My son loved his betta's. Good luck!

jimdekosta 1425 days ago

Any Betta I ever had only lasted 1 year cause they are such a nervous fish

AlyzabethM 1425 days ago

He will kill them with kindness.

RobynMFrancis 1425 days ago

Betta? Three years, if you take good care of it.