Simon Pegg


Actor/writer - Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Paul, World's End. Also, secret agent, starship engineer and diesel weasel. GSOH. Must love dogs.

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cRiSTiNa_KiaRa 1408 days ago


CatForLashes 1813 days ago

im guessing you're gonna be playing kate moss very soon?

handmadehightec 1813 days ago

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JudeNorris 1814 days ago

blimey nick frost has lost a lot of weight

bitmaelstrom 1814 days ago

James Doohan?

(What? Too soon?)

shannietalks 1814 days ago

I'll admit, I was drawn to the third leg. o.O

Lelo63 1814 days ago

I knew fad diets where bad, but this is silly- Didn't mean you, Simon ;)

asuter 1814 days ago

Does this sign make me look fat?

InkedFam2010 1814 days ago

Looks like he was one of the runners in Run Fatboy Run. Lmao

Talon86 1814 days ago

Cheerful skeleton.

DJPicto 1814 days ago

I recognise him. He work on the "Jason and the Argonauts" film, i think.

FragChef 1814 days ago

So the zombie appocalypse already happened? 100 years ago? Ah crap!

scribblekitty 1814 days ago

I can't decide if this is hilarious or kind of sick. Maybe both.

HIMArchives 1814 days ago


maggieb95 1814 days ago


GlenMexted 1814 days ago

Is that Jack out of make up ?

Squirrely99 1814 days ago

Aint' it funny, what comes around, goes around. Stealing bodies to sell to medical schools and there he stands as a model in a medical school.

involved6 1814 days ago

I don't know nothing 'bout no skellingtons!

GeoiDavs 1814 days ago

your ears look cold.