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thehulkgaz 2185 days ago

Oh my god!
Who puts a doily under a glass of water?!

JohnALinc 2201 days ago

Oh man I feel like puking just looking at Bourbon. I feel like Mel Gibson is building up inside me!

ABEAUTY2UNVEIL 2229 days ago

would you like a 'COOKIE'?? cmon beg, beg

NessaAnn28 2234 days ago

those look good, but better with a little butterscotch in them to. Did you drink them all?

Hailamonster 2237 days ago

Oh man were my uncles there? ha ha

eriexchick 2237 days ago

LOL @ INAMP!! that was my thought too ;)

INAMP 2237 days ago

Let's hope there is alcohol in those glasses and not the remnits from a person with a bad kidney disease!

jimrund 2237 days ago

Out with Lindsay Lo again?

FaceOfAlex 2237 days ago

Guaranteed to get you drunk as a skunk.

brendad61 2237 days ago


yuhas82 2237 days ago

Aren't you like 98 lbs? That should kill you! (But you're also pretty damn funny, so nice work)

lizzibyrnes 2237 days ago

its not the alcohol that causes hangovers its the sleep, just think how great you felt before you went to bed (if you made it that far)

princessu2 2237 days ago

Um..usually not at my best after that many......so,good luck with that!.....actually,just about 11 months clean and sober,bet they smell good,though..lol...

Tib_Pride 2237 days ago

i liked your character in Grown Ups..you are too funny.keep it up..

Tib_Pride 2237 days ago

did you finish all these drinks by yourself? Wow..are you an alcoholic or somethin? no hard feelings,bro.

NYmetalgoddess 2237 days ago

Um?? As in the famous words of Van effin Halen Um?! Come um-um-um-um-um baby, BOTTOMS UP!

relle72 2237 days ago

i see a bad hangover on the rise......

philanderson01 2237 days ago

Oh God, I don't think I could survive another one of these nights, uhhhg. Alka Selzor for next 3 days

RichBReich 2237 days ago

Are those Jager bombs? Bombs away! Ha.

EngaCrue 2237 days ago

Just a sideorder...