Aziz Ansari


I'm on tour. Check for tickets. Bye.

Afterparty continues! Just got to a bar and got a feeling shit is about to pop off!!!

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2073 days ago

Afterparty continues! Just got to a bar and got a feeling shit is about to pop off!!!


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bazzgirl 2073 days ago

Aziz in Da house. Hoo hoo!

eddiemarchesejr 2073 days ago

I hope My name is on the V.I.P list Im flying in from Boston!!! LOL!

GevDie 2073 days ago

Get some LEMON DROPS and get this started!

littlebitykitty 2073 days ago

i hate the runs too

christinenycz 2073 days ago

it was great to meet you! hope you enjoyed the shot. columbus welcomes you back whenever :)

ZW216504 2073 days ago

should have sent a tweet out earlier

jwhease 2073 days ago

Yes ! all the way. (They're open RIGHT NOW! You can still make it Aziz!)

SamAFire 2073 days ago

Bar Louie, Columbus, OH? not the place to be on a Wednesday night...have you looked across the street?

dkline 2073 days ago

pssshhh I would have taken you to .

CRAZIEDANIE 2073 days ago

Hella YA! Now that's whats up! ;D

robotpilot 2073 days ago

is that a painting of Anne Frank on the left?

brandonjanssen 2073 days ago

If that chick in the picture doesn't stop eye fuckin me my pants will be poppin off

mashewshmalls 2073 days ago

An army of music video extras from 'Game On' are about to come out in costume and WRECK ISH!!

Kat_Lantz 2073 days ago

Shit, I wish I was there... that place looks bumpin'

AgouraMusic 2073 days ago

That place looks like it was waiting for you!

AndreaShredder 2073 days ago

plenty of chairs to break in the inevitable bar fight!!!

HeatherNotWoj 2073 days ago

Go easy AZIZ!!

KaarienKllaudia 2073 days ago

follow me please

KaarienKllaudia 2073 days ago