dustin brown


Captain, Right Wing of the Los Angeles Kings

I had 2 think about rear ending this car bad license plate!

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2081 days ago

I had 2 think about rear ending this car bad license plate!


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eastside_monkey 2075 days ago

You should have gotten out and given him the business, 23.

M_Ravelo 2077 days ago

That's hilarious Brownie. I'm glad you're a LA King and proud of it :)

OrangePuck 2079 days ago

The very same day this goes up Doughty gets nailed and what does "The Captain" do? Not a damn thing....PUSSY!!!

kevinyoung90 2080 days ago

Are you on your phone while driving? Bad boy :)

Sean_Pace 2080 days ago

get a cup ring or go to a decent team THEN lets talk :)
i hate it that this rivalry is so underrated :( GO DUCKS

Mapleafs81 2080 days ago

lmao, if it said habs fan i might...

ThomasEli 2080 days ago

Actually, OrangePuck never said that he didn't hit, just that he ran away from fights.

ShaneOMac72 2080 days ago

- and make big hits. thnx Mr. Brown., posted by Kings Fan in Detroit,Mi

ShaneOMac72 2080 days ago

Hey Mr.Brown just wanted to say nice job not hitting him cause you'll have plenty of chances on the ice ;-) oh and OrangePuck you obviously don't know squat about Dustin Brown clearly one of the leauges top hitters! you are a dumptruck! hes paid to score

OrangePuck 2080 days ago

Don't lie Dustin...you probably skated away like a coward just like you do on the ice whenever you're
challenged to a fight.

fowlerforcalder 2080 days ago

ya know, i've never seen a KNGS FN driving around anywhere. just a thought.

ThomasEli 2080 days ago

Good to know that the captain of an NHL team wants to hit cars since he can't win Cups

Real_JMO 2080 days ago

they wouldn't even know who you were anyways... they barely even know their own players

shawnb_2 2080 days ago

Oh and then there is my other car. R CUP 1ST. Nuff said.

shawnb_2 2080 days ago

Nevermind the re-post. It finally showed up. Not me. Mine is better. DUX1 LA0.

tom91381 2081 days ago

you could of given it a hip-check in to the center divider

RayBlanco 2081 days ago


as brownie would say.... nuffff said.

JamBloo 2081 days ago

Clearly, something is wrong with them.

jremmel 2081 days ago

Just get out, beat the crap out of him/her!! THIS IS LA! (OUR) CITY OUR HOME! GO KINGS :D

jdcofLA 2081 days ago

shoulda just got out and checked it capitan