Ghost Adventures


Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin travel to the scariest places in the world. New episodes every Friday at 9 E/P.

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1943 days ago


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AMERICANWOLF74 1863 days ago

dog and zak= too adorable for words..

johncenagirl1 1940 days ago

zak (baby) i love it thanks i have always wannted a puppy he tooooo cute

MissKelianne 1941 days ago

Way too cute for his own good....and the dog is pretty adorable too. ;)

TwitJaime 1943 days ago

Aw. This is adorable... is the BEST! <3Love It!

ImThatGirl987 1943 days ago

puppies make very tough hottie soft and cuddly lol

trzapfe 1943 days ago

Nice picture, but I think Ridley will be jealous.

SLiPZSTeR 1943 days ago

awwww its soo kute to see a calm gentle side of ZAk...lOl..soo kutee

Demure_Dulcet 1943 days ago

this is adorable! lol

BlckshirtBieber 1943 days ago

Awhhh (:

oXMrsNovemberXo 1943 days ago

Which is cuter? That Zak has a Terrier? Or the picture of his muscles next to a tiny dog? Both

MissLisa34 1943 days ago

What an awesome pic! You and the puppy are too cute. It's nice to see you smile Zac. You are even hotter when you smile!

Roxis360 1943 days ago

lawl I was expecting more like a pit-bull or doberman or something xD

EffyRebecca 1943 days ago

I cant decide whish is cuter?Zak or the dog??.......definately Zak:)

__LEESE__ 1943 days ago

Awww. There's a little puppy! So tiny. But ur doggie's a yorkshire...who's this? A fan? lol

leticia1825 1943 days ago

Not gonna lie i think i just found my fave Zak pic...great smile hun :)

JSal9263 1943 days ago

so adorable.... :)

crickets_here 1943 days ago

aaww how cute! And the dog isen't bad either :0)

CocoVelvett 1943 days ago

A bundle of cute ;) awwwwwwww

SkittleZombie 1943 days ago

Awwww! The Puppys Soo Cute! =3

Ghostadvfan91 1943 days ago

aww that is so sweet I knew you had a softer side Zak :)