Sara Bareilles


My happy feet in miami! Don't judge, they're expressing themselves.

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2193 days ago

My happy feet in miami! Don't judge, they're expressing themselves.


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JimmyG_NYC 2171 days ago

no judging here, I had no idea how cute they were :)

anninhabuarque 2189 days ago

hahahahah' You're so funny, Sara! Love it!

mbisdanishboy 2191 days ago

I have a foot fetish. also, what's the tat?

tvrstavares 2191 days ago

very interested your tattoo. I really want to do more, but it have to have a meaning, in this way for now i can't do it.

smokeybones 2191 days ago

funny no one came up and tried to tickle those toes. that leave a high note.

Johmni 2192 days ago


dirkdieter 2193 days ago

i can see the joy of your feet ..i managed to get tickets for the warfield in sf.. see you there

TestaRossa17 2193 days ago

i've got a spiral in the same spot as your star. nice choice :)

finestdaily 2193 days ago

funny :))

RealCookieDude 2193 days ago

Your toes look very happy That tattoo had to hurt it's on the little toe

TSIKA9 2193 days ago

Vincent: Have you ever given a foot massage?

Jules: [scoffs] Don't be tellin' me about foot massages. I'm the foot fuckin' master.

BeBonta 2193 days ago

you must go to Matheson Hammock Park for sunset if you're in town!!!. Great show in FT Lauderdale!

pennylane1986 2193 days ago

I have the same tattoo!

23Courtney23 2193 days ago

they do seem happy. But after the beach they need the seed of life. Ha ;)

meecham 2193 days ago

explain the star tattoo, sara. c'mon. for me!

4030lisa 2193 days ago

Nice!! lucky tootsies... :oD

scotthorlbeck 2193 days ago

Why we would judge? It's not like your feet are webbed or anything... :)