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You've got seed of life on your shoe.

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2281 days ago

You've got seed of life on your shoe.


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mbisdanishboy 2278 days ago

so, does mean if I kick a women in the vag. I can get her pregnant?

haprochelle 2281 days ago


phira360 2281 days ago

"it could be a tadpole" lol i saw this in a video and a magazine

RealCookieDude 2281 days ago

LOL! That a real shoe

BossKlaus 2281 days ago

i guess it's just the fact that i'm in editing but the "because its cool" is missing an apostrophe

lilygirlland 2281 days ago

Do you get a discount for these if you work at a fertility clinic?

therealtaeel 2281 days ago

O Man these are real!!!? I saw a chinaman wearing these i thought they were some kind of bootlegs

coaxel 2281 days ago


el_vampi 2281 days ago

"Slick Seed of Life Logo-Because it's cool" I loved it

nocauz 2281 days ago

Hell yeah hahaha fucking classy shit....boi.

notmyname02 2281 days ago

What I always wanted...a little sperm swimming on the shoe! wheee!

fuawas 2281 days ago

LOL A new way of fertilization xD

crestsofwaves 2281 days ago


imortlnoctrn 2281 days ago

part of me is like "..why?" and another part of me wants these shoes in my life.

basiasbookshelf 2281 days ago

I was really afraid to see what this was. I was expecting something..grosser.

james_stott 2281 days ago

There's sperm on your shoe :o

ShaneandBillie 2281 days ago

I expected a plant seed growing out of the shoe. I vomited inside my mouth seriously... lol.