Simon Pegg


Actor/writer - Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Paul, World's End. Also, secret agent, starship engineer and diesel weasel. GSOH. Must love dogs.

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1359 days ago


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lena_lacerda 1298 days ago


twentyhours 1344 days ago

hahahahahaha! His faces are so funny. I love you guys hahaha.

NatashaRU 1347 days ago

you're awesome!!

naruha67 1348 days ago

kawaii! from JAPAN

Invisible_Kid_8 1355 days ago

Looks like Nick is in fancy dress as Frankie Boyle

VonsterVon 1356 days ago


Vbickford 1356 days ago

Man nips

antunesrj 1357 days ago

Hey guys... I must be your biggest fan in Brazil. No shit! I'm bigger than Nick.

howardm00n 1357 days ago

I love this picture! You 2 are actually the ultimate comedy duo! I love it! :D

kagarichan 1359 days ago

wow you look like a happy young schoolboy... standing next to a cool teddy bear ;)
anyways... its a cool thing to see you 2 together once again =D

Irethsurion 1359 days ago

Two of the funniest guys! #Shaunofthedead

AngelaandSeamus 1359 days ago

I've never seen a better-looking pair of dodgeball targets! (Do you have dodgeball in England?)

AngelaandSeamus 1359 days ago

Cute! Simon, you look positively squeaky with happiness!

AmyK0_o 1359 days ago

Great picture! I love it!

_Isis78 1359 days ago

aww.. love is a beautiful thing. :)

CadetRedshirt 1359 days ago

What a lovely couple. :D

jason_vango 1359 days ago

Vintage!!! The Legends :D

freeboprich 1359 days ago

Yay, beardy weirdies unite!

elalaa 1359 days ago

Where is Paul?

_moppi_ 1359 days ago

nice :3