Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

soon you will see what this is all about.... ;)

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2237 days ago

soon you will see what this is all about.... ;)


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Jude_Is_A_Mess 1987 days ago

For some odd reason I'm having a flash back to anchor man lol

kanishiasexy54 2161 days ago

(wondering what they are fighting about) Zak you look so hot in the photo

kanishiasexy54 2162 days ago

EPIC bro that is crazy

KatelynAGreer 2204 days ago

Niiice. ☺

makell_lovesGAC 2204 days ago

insaaaaane : ) THAT'S a ghost adventure : P

GAC_Nirvana_94 2209 days ago

sickk <3

StaciMHowell23 2226 days ago

OKAY. That looks like a war that just broke out.

teresarozalski 2228 days ago

The back of yo' head is redicolus.
I just thought I'd say that :P

buzlightLaur 2230 days ago

haha all i gotta say

alexandriaSON 2233 days ago


nikolew1 2234 days ago

WOW!! Can't wait!

JudgeofAngels 2234 days ago

Looks like you time-traveled and popped up in a less-than-savory place; neat shot!

NYCRedhead 2235 days ago


JSunshine03 2235 days ago

That looks like one kick ass mosh pit... with weapons... ROCK ON! lol

jakjck1001 2235 days ago

did you stumble on a movie set?

Adam_Lambertt 2236 days ago

LoL what is going on?! Whatever it is, I just started laughing when I saw this (Idk why!) ;)

savagehollywood 2237 days ago

That's more mature of you not to get involved in little kid's rough housing. Haha

trzapfe 2237 days ago

Why must u always tease us??

sageprincess 2237 days ago

what r you up to zak come on spell it

MissBree29 2237 days ago

so this is what is meant by "beat him like he stole something" lmao!! hi Zak! *waves*