Charlie Villanueva


Charlie V. was born Aug 24, 1984 in Queens, NYC; a Hispanic basketball player for the Detroit Pistons; drafted 7th in the 2005 NBA Draft by the Toronto Raptors.

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b86oaks 1977 days ago

comment was hilarious

AlexFuss 2327 days ago

state + charlie V ='s perfect

aadsit 2485 days ago

This picture will make a lot of your Pistons family happy!

bigdjd22 2570 days ago

cmon the bet was for the jersey...he has a sickness that he doesnt have if your gonna follow him at least know his background

cinderelisha 2578 days ago


jvidal14 2579 days ago

was the bet that u would wear the jersey or shave your eyebrows?

Remmy13 2579 days ago

Ugliest jersey ever. F State.

edbunderson 2580 days ago

shoulda been uconn man, feel embarassed for mich st.

cmm325 2580 days ago


bjms1 2580 days ago

Madddd love for u Charlie. See at game on Wednsday against ATL

VBoyazhyan 2580 days ago

Put on a winning teams jersey next year charlie

Jada_Layla 2580 days ago

Mad respect for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BroncosItaly 2580 days ago

Both the Huskies and Spartans lost. That sucks!

alexjordan23 2580 days ago

ooo man.?? but doesnt matter u still a HUSKIE one of da best huskies and BUCKS

juniortimes 2580 days ago

there's a man right there owning his words

HuntDaddy 2580 days ago

looks good on you man... very nice. go state.

oz3178 2580 days ago

LOL.... man take that off and tell Charlie Bell to play you one on one and see who produces the better talent! =)

sgo8 2580 days ago

co-sign with everyone else...... COME BACK TO TORONTO!

baumgsba 2580 days ago

u really have the "shut the fuck up" gaze :D

_ethatsme 2580 days ago