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Dear @comcast, stop pasting shit, thanks.

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2109 days ago

Dear , stop pasting shit, thanks.


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Gentle_b 2108 days ago

lol should have said ... Desktop Doctor what? I use a mac bitch

CrisMcRae 2109 days ago

You actually thought they'd help you? :)

byronpol 2109 days ago

Classic but tons do the same norton is good for that crap as well. HP lol

gregdmetcalf 2109 days ago

that's awsome!

rebrad 2109 days ago

Comcast is bad but so are the others. I look forward to when I can get internet somewhere else.

seandfeeney 2109 days ago

Some of the many reasons I hate . Wait til they reset your modem and not call you back...

MingsterY 2109 days ago

you can afford better internet than that right?

pedroremedios 2109 days ago

OMG that is so stupid! But that is what technical support does....copy/paste! Morons!

RecruitersDen 2109 days ago

This is crazy !! ..

Deprogrammer9 2109 days ago

Why the hell are you doing this?