Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.

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2729 days ago


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ludovicah 2656 days ago

I wanna know if Trevor has had this finished off yet.. any ideas?

krazybritusa 2678 days ago

You know, a driver's license is less painful, or even a name tag will do..if you need something to remind you who you are. ^_^

Sic_Boy 2688 days ago

kick ass tat al, kinda white N neardy if u ask me.

lizzybean76 2704 days ago

backtracks, I *seriously* doubt that's Al's leg. It's a major fan though!

backtracks 2704 days ago

Ego much or what

otterworld 2715 days ago

Back in high school I had an on-going joke that I was going to get a tattoo of my face on my face so I'd be perpetually smiling, and a tattoo of my face on my calf, so that if I ever got blown up, someone could pick up my foot and be like, "Oh, I know who

clownboy 2715 days ago

, Yeah, Al did the same for me about ten years ago on my arm. Now I'm known as the clown w/ the Weird Al tattoo...

RamonaLeigh 2715 days ago

Who tattoo'd that, a kid with a wood burning set?

Charmed0ne 2715 days ago

hahahahaha, I'm laughing so hard I blew cigarette smoke up my nose. Sweet!

megancarter 2715 days ago

Oh my god! Is that a bottle of coke?

Scrange 2718 days ago

Did somebody lose a bet?

Steewiee 2718 days ago

Very nice mate

VenusMediazone 2720 days ago

That tatoo is cool, though I can't stop laughing at the partially shaved leg... OMG rofl too funny!!

J0c3linn 2722 days ago

ha ha niceeeeee

JWKirsch 2724 days ago

Amazing what you can do with a Sharpie...

Connieclickthat 2726 days ago

But when your hair grows back, won't tht look like you have a hairy face?

samanthasolar 2726 days ago


sikgirl 2727 days ago

your lookin' good al (on your background pic... good pic)

slouthian 2728 days ago

My daughters leg looks better. Wierd Al autographed it and she made it permanent. She's no longer allowed to wear shorts to the family reunions.

kristianramirez 2728 days ago

Very nice...