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Tory and his cannon... #fromset #mythbusters

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2334 days ago

Tory and his cannon... #fromset #mythbusters


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MarianoBryant 2133 days ago


negative101 2332 days ago

More ductape!

smileywind 2332 days ago

Tory is great, but please don't let him try to jump over this on a bicycle or I will cry...ok, tears from laughter, but still, that counts as crying, doesn't it?

TrekMichaels 2333 days ago

I think he's making up for something that is less than average size.

dwarfette 2333 days ago

tori rocks!

sleepydumpling 2333 days ago

And boy does he look happy about it.

high_king_Peter 2333 days ago

Does this mean we have more big cannon explosions coming up in this new season, starting this Wednesday (April 8th)? Yes! Can't wait!

kurtismarsh 2334 days ago

More cannon fun cant wait.

spencemo 2334 days ago

I swear you guys have the best job on the planet...

wolfyhound 2334 days ago

is it a duct tape cannon? Fav cartoon online.

BeeSisk 2334 days ago

Oh bless....

lisa_n 2334 days ago

what more could a boy want?

POParitaville 2334 days ago

I feel awkward and curious

trish1972 2334 days ago

almost spit out my water when I read "Tory and his cannon" lol He seems very proud of it :)

LadyNiko 2334 days ago

I gotta agree w/ brento - that *is* a disturbing amt of duct tape!

jonr 2334 days ago


zombiegeisha 2334 days ago

Happy Tory is happy. Daaawwww!

MooKooJoe 2334 days ago

Grant, do you run around with a camera all day going, 'Hey guise smile! I wanna' post this on my twitt!' =D

Oh, and awesome cannon d00d. ^_^

radishrosette 2334 days ago

Is it a cannon that shoots rolls of duct tape? I guess there could be a use for that.

Joi_the_Artist 2334 days ago

That smile and a gun that big...something's gonna blow up.