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this is our little guy in the pumpkin patch

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2197 days ago

this is our little guy in the pumpkin patch


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michellebe1 2181 days ago

sooo adorable

kariskreations 2189 days ago

what kind of dog is he? a mix? pom?

kariskreations 2189 days ago

adorable lil guy!!!

shellilouwho 2189 days ago

where's milo?

Stephzachos 2192 days ago

Pomeranian? :)

march9dew 2193 days ago

molly!!!! ooops... so sorry, i meant, samy!!!!! :)

Kattsong 2195 days ago

he is so gorgeous!!!!

drunkstar62 2197 days ago

Samy is so cute!!!!! Just want to cuddle him!!!!

rockncountryfan 2197 days ago

2 cute! where's MILO?...will HE tour again? lol
beautiful dog!

knitsnbolts 2197 days ago


rainydayjade 2197 days ago

so sweet

SepiasSecret 2197 days ago

Oh, that's beautiful! Cute lil Samy! Hope he gets well soon

iManonica 2197 days ago

Samy! Hope the adorable guy gets well soonest. *kisses little black nose*

spacegrrlmelly 2197 days ago

Eeeee! You little guy is almost as cute as our little girl!

Raul_JRM 2197 days ago

Lol. I want one. And one of those pumpkins.

sabrina_fair01 2197 days ago

OMG he looks just like my dog Groucho. Sadly I lost Groucho a few years ago. I still miss the little guy.

thisiscain 2197 days ago

great pic of the little guy!

GRTW2011 2197 days ago

great photo! Love it!!!

charlieinocnce 2197 days ago

That is the CUTEST little dog ever. <3

march9dew 2197 days ago

handsome little guy :)) got lost in the pumpkin patch? smile :)