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Nabibhr 2103 days ago

إِذَا رَأَتْهُمْ مِنْ مَكَانٍ بَعِيدٍ سَمِعُوا لَهَا تَغَيُّظًا وَزَفِيرًا (12) وَإِذَا

habrahabrs 2122 days ago

ideabiznesa - с чего ты решил что он с тобой будет разговаривать, и самое главное тебе писать о своих предложениях, ты кто такой вообще? Ты по сравнению с ним букашка!!

EdvanDesigner 2125 days ago

Jesus Christ illuminates its ways!!!!

ideabiznesa 2127 days ago

пиши на , а то я тут не разбираюсь

ideabiznesa 2127 days ago

привет, Бил. Давно хотелось поговорить с тобой. Давай организуем бизнес. Я из Минска, республика Беларусь. Присылай свои предложения.

karunamoorthi85 2128 days ago

i have preparing now to my target and i will catch you

cisolira 2128 days ago

what is it?

cheezieman69 2129 days ago

u have bless others in this cruel have done things only that a true man of men will are a true leader.may others with great hearts give life as u have.your bleesings will come when u see the fruits of your labor.may god continue to bless

jamescompass 2129 days ago

Bill if you read this, please if you can or want to Email me on i would really appreciate it. want to do "kind of busines" thanks


woonk11 2131 days ago

have good thinking...

alexcale74 2132 days ago

we really needed a person like you. Rich inside and ourtside. Great Job Mister Gates

CHS_exposed 2134 days ago

its alot of rice on this plate.

CHS_exposed 2134 days ago

Unite against hunger!

sayshah 2135 days ago

Keep My View as suggestion. May Almighty God give you More Power to do good work and reward for your work.. Best of Luck

sayshah 2135 days ago

Atleast the people like me can get the Job/Work equivalent to my Education and Practical Knowledge from any such organisation.
Further more nearly 35 % of Money never reaches because of corruption.
But whatever you are doing is superb and really good fo

sayshah 2135 days ago

On the other hands if any Business Organization/ Concern/ Industry will be setup at such places which provide training and give Job/work to the people then there will be the recurring source of earning for them and also recurring source of helping to them

sayshah 2135 days ago

You are Going to Right Way... But I think if people get the self earning ability.. then it may be more better to Fight for Hunger.. There are many people who may not be able to earn because of physical weakness... Such type of program are good for them..

Girishmuniraj 2136 days ago

Good social responsibility, it may help thousands peoples i love it hats off....:)

touble_2010 2136 days ago

bill mates i got told today u want to give 95% of your earnings to something
well plz by manutd glazers out bill gates in. bill gates the road to sucsess