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Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

Kari's french bulldog Smash watches over as she checks email. #fromset #mythbusters

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2877 days ago

Kari's french bulldog Smash watches over as she checks email. #fromset #mythbusters


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vikaman 2855 days ago

No it's a photo of her husband, Paul Urich. He makes great shirts (his art)

KimHoffmanSIUC 2858 days ago

they have to cover the "Apple" logo so they don't get in trouble with Apple

kurtismarsh 2876 days ago

how many watch dogs do yall have hanging around the office

HavensHill 2876 days ago

He is adorable! Great picture ;-)

trish1972 2876 days ago

this is a great pic!

remybergsma 2876 days ago

Watching you I am! (Sorry, Smash is just making a Yodaface methinks) Love the shot :)

JeffTheChiz 2876 days ago

That's freakin' adorable!

carrie416 2877 days ago

You guys have desks? Could never tell from the show ^_^

jodfoster 2877 days ago

Wonder what she's eyeballin Tory doing? :)

acaplan 2877 days ago

It's a bit blurry, but is that a picture of Tory over Kari's right shoulder??

dwarfette 2877 days ago

Lol, too cute!

byte9 2877 days ago

Smash does indeed look like a smashed fox. Poor little guy.

rileydog124 2877 days ago

Adorable, have one or two of these come into where I work...all are sweethearts! xD

rdohms 2877 days ago

Grant... are those scrum post-its back there?

samosasandbrie 2877 days ago

You ought to bring your Battlebot to work to chase Smash around.

jojomo91 2877 days ago

Awww so cute. I have an english bulldog, i love bulldogs they are the cutest dogs ever

strawp 2877 days ago

Did Kari's laptop take a bullet?

JustJewel 2877 days ago

Awww...he's cute!

JessLL 2877 days ago

Frenchies rule.

lisa_n 2877 days ago

Hi, Smash! He hears something, for sure.