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Mommy! (: (:she is so beautiful! Oh my lawd.. I'm so happy for her! (: and myself! #ilovemymother!!!

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1503 days ago

Mommy! (: (:she is so beautiful! Oh my lawd.. I'm so happy for her! (: and myself! #ilovemymother!!!


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Nerdiac 1019 days ago

Pure beauty.

MaraFreitas28 1490 days ago

ownn my God, how beautiful she is! She is to me, without a doubt the best singer of all time. MUCH LOVE!

ErickPrillwitz 1496 days ago

Thx Krisi 4 sharing these pics! Would never forget when I was at the German TV show "Wetten Dass" last October 2009 supporting your Mom with a sign "like Whitney never left". When you were leaving you said hello to me ;-)

TashaGG_ 1497 days ago

Your mom is the greatest and is - as usual - looking great. Lawdy indeed!. Much love.

PhilipWhite_ 1498 days ago

God bless u and your mom! You both weathred the storm. Do u see this Diva oh the day #nothinbutlove

nipaddict 1500 days ago

Mama looks hawt!!Go head ladies...they won't stop u..they can't stop u!!

Marcioortiz 1501 days ago

The best so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GeorgeD94 1501 days ago

OMG! She is hawt! Go whit!

She don't have to be airbrushed to look pritty!

flrnce 1501 days ago are blessed to have her as your mother. I love you Whitney, no matter what!!!

flrnce 1501 days ago

Whitney's biggest treasure is her inner beauty, that makes her voice so beautiful and it shines through on her face and her soft skin. For me I don't care how she looks on the outside, I just love her for herself, her spirit, and not for her looks. Krissi

matthewrankin 1502 days ago

Whitney is the so is so pretty....

FahVieira 1502 days ago

My DIVA, My life. Love 4ever!

FahVieira 1502 days ago


Carol2002 1502 days ago

Thanks Krissi for these great pics.
You,Whitney,Cissy are looking great :)
Can`t wait to see more :)

IkennaAmaechi 1502 days ago

That's my DIVA

samuelstorey 1502 days ago


mewhfan 1502 days ago

She looks so happy and sweet in this pic - full of love :) You and your mum are blessed. :)

cerberuscub 1503 days ago

This picture fill my heart! Here she reminds me on "Step by Step" video. Beautiful. Stunning;)

MissDaanii 1503 days ago

i just love to see her happy :) btw: who's the person in the back? looks like a ghost... lol ;)

carine3 1503 days ago

OMG What a Beauty!!! she's Stunning, she looks 30 here! that pics is better than the official photos. OMG Whitney I can't wait to see you in a movie!!!! GO