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At spike awards. Get to give micheal j fox an award. Got to drive out in the delorean. Aaoooooo!

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2051 days ago

At spike awards. Get to give micheal j fox an award. Got to drive out in the delorean. Aaoooooo!


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JohnALinc 2010 days ago

Are they working on it?

LeighEKing 2026 days ago

David, you need a better camera phone! But driving the Delorean was very cool... :)

OneandOnlyLiLT 2037 days ago

Glad u were the 1 to do this, Micheal J is "The Man"! God Bless him, deserves 10 standing ovations!

ABEAUTY2UNVEIL 2039 days ago

with ET sitting in the back

ABEAUTY2UNVEIL 2039 days ago

looks like a batmobile

makeup_artistry 2039 days ago

What an awesome gig! I'd love to sit in a Delorean - one day...

EngaCrue 2047 days ago

That is awesome!

LAPropper 2047 days ago

Thanks for posting these David. It was a pleasure working with you that night. You definitely had the crowd fooled.

NessaAnn28 2050 days ago

memories... love this car! I wish it was still the 80's.

kdessent 2050 days ago

80s memories, very nostalgic - but still a nice ride.

gerrim29 2051 days ago

How cool that must have been!

DJSkrilla 2051 days ago


karmapics 2051 days ago

Now if only you could go back in time and retrieve your career.

LidnGia 2051 days ago

Some dude in my town made his own replica so I see this shit ALL the time..gas station...liquor store

theJackal24 2051 days ago

Flux capacitor......fluxing. The delorean is all kinds of awesome!

cutie_matootie 2051 days ago


philanderson01 2051 days ago

David it's nice of you to do this for Mike who inspires us disabled who want to work, write, act. :)

akaSpooks 2051 days ago

Careful you don't get it up to 88.

Amandayoura 2051 days ago

really u should show up in & a Tux+silver flip-flops I would laugh my ass off

pao85pa 2051 days ago

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