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House of Hoops is nuts right now. Love my fans so much

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2139 days ago

House of Hoops is nuts right now. Love my fans so much


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Josesnetwork 2130 days ago

God_Bless_Suzie gots a point mils1142 you need to sit down and shut the hell up before I get over there myself. I know what you are trying to be former Cavalier fan!

Ash230591 2137 days ago

my yamaha bike.............how is it....?

scottandkristy2 2137 days ago

hahahaha what did ya have to give them?? some of dwades hair u pulled out the other nioght?

LJ6_VVICKER_CR7 2138 days ago

U keep on saying that he quit on u, yet still u STALK him. U need 2 wish him & the MiamiHEAT gud luck

LJ6_VVICKER_CR7 2138 days ago

@ mils1142, u know wat I'm gonna let u b, cause u r here only pretending 2 hate Lebron.

A_Boss84 2138 days ago

Ha ha blind sheep

DannyCleveland 2138 days ago

Quitness special

qordita_x3 2139 days ago

i just hope that the people making lines in the parking lots got to see you also. suckks they couldn't be in "private" event

mils1142 2139 days ago

I'm still here because I don't quit something I start. Why are you still here licking this quitters nut sac? Come to think of it, it's fucking stange u people go outta of ur way to say something to this quitter. At least I have beef. U just suck him off.

LJ6_VVICKER_CR7 2139 days ago

PhonyBologna: Yea. They hate KingJames passionately still the followed him on FB and Twitter.

PhonyBologna 2139 days ago

Are you really upset with Miami's fan base bc they didn't sell out games with Dwade+nobody on a borderline playoff team??? Ya, I'm sure Cleveland would've sold out every game if the Cavs weren't championship contenders. Let's see how cle's game attendance

LJ6_VVICKER_CR7 2139 days ago

OMG!! I AM IN A STATE OF SHOCKNESS. mils1142 u r still here? Why r u still here?

miaheat3wade 2139 days ago

Miami rules! I'm at the beach while you're freezing your ass off haters!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOO

Josesnetwork 2139 days ago

Just shut up and leave him alone go mess up some other persons career, but he worked pretty hard to be where he is at!

Josesnetwork 2139 days ago

ok they don't have an awsome fanbase, but shut the fuck up you crying pussy, your not even the one playing the sport!

healthconsult 2139 days ago

Go back to school (college) get educated. Do it now while you can. Later on in life, you will understand....Self worth is the only the key to satisfaction in life....Bookmark this. Read it agaih & again.

brandon44133 2139 days ago

I agree with you. Miami has the worse fan base in the nation. Its truly pathetic. NOW they want to act like fans after they couldnt even sell out the arena with Dwade....it truly is funny. You aint fooling anyone miami, you arent fans so stop.

mils1142 2139 days ago

What's worse? Hating on punk pussy quitter and calling him out or idolizing a punk pussy quitter. If you got his bach then ur a bitch. Fuck you and him. Hope he blows out both knees

pvlloco 2139 days ago

Haha, he could go play for Al Qaeda and u people would still follow him. Fuckin sheep.

Motion_NYC 2139 days ago

Even though I didn't expect LBJ to team w/ wade Miami has the worst fan base by far.