Nick Groff


Executive Producer and Co-host Investigator for Travel Channel's Series, Ghost Adventures...Friday's at 9pm. I also Co-Founded GAC(Ghost Adventures Crew)

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2022 days ago


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Kizaylee_GAC 1760 days ago

does it come with free posters of you guys ?!?!?! lol

Abby_Bishop15 1916 days ago

bought it yay !!!!!!!

JoelynRose 1960 days ago

hopefullly im getting this for christmas from the partenals:)

purplemookiebut 2002 days ago

just watched it. omfg at the brick

Bella_Bunnie 2022 days ago

I can't wait until it hits Walmart so i can get one you guys are so amazing at what yall do Congrats

MrsFulks 2022 days ago

I need this tshirt to be in exsistence so I can have one in my life!

HannahElizaNoel 2022 days ago

Tshirts sound good with Zaks face on buy :D

courtney_hunt 2022 days ago

So cant wait to get this in the mail! :D

ZaksStalker_lol 2022 days ago

i second what bree said. t-shirts are in order.

HannahElizaNoel 2022 days ago fair...we waitin an extra month just to get ours...luv u guys! Can't wait for tonight!!

zoryu2 2022 days ago


BlackMagik91 2022 days ago

:D yahoo!!

MissBree29 2022 days ago

look at Zak's face!! lmao!! they need to make that into a tshirt!! cant wait to own this! :D

adrianide 2022 days ago

Sweet this is so awesome. :D